We have three rules.  Work with people you enjoy.  Have fun doing it.  Be successful doing something that matters.


Bill Stensrud, Principal

I am the group’s greybeard, both literally and figuratively. I have spent 40 years in development, marketing, sales, general management and investment roles in technology. I have been involved with the Internet since it was called the ARPANET. I believe that the institutional models for new venture formation are broken. As a Partner in The SwitchCase Group my major interest is building new and enduring models for creating, capitalizing and operating new technology ventures. My life priorities are to act with integrity, to do things that matter, to make some money, to have fun and to work with people I like.


George Pardo, Partner

Since receiving my Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from San Jose State during the Palaeolithic Period, I have had the great fortune of working for a “Big 8” firm as well as high technology companies spanning pre-revenue start-ups to billion dollar revenue firms. My great fortune continues as I now have the opportunity to work with fun, talented, hungry individuals, whose passion and drive is to create disruptive technologies in both emerging or seemingly established markets. I’m excited to be part of the team and to continue to grow the SwitchCase Group portfolio of companies.


Ross Stensrud, Partner

I accidentally earned a degree in mechanical engineering while studying lacrosse and building websites at the University of California at San Diego. After a brief attempt to justify the cost of my degree by designing pool cleaners (no joke) I returned to web development with InstantantEncore and eventually Interactive Fitness Holdings. I believe technology should enhance and redefine markets and I enjoy building products with the potential to shift the perception of what is standard. I am always up for a conversation about music, lacrosse, digital fitness, and technology. Please do not contact me about pool cleaners.



Evan Schumacher, Partner

I received my Bachelor of Sciences and Masters Degree from the University of California at San Diego in Electrical Engineering with a focus on Computer Vision. Naturally, this led me to my first job - creating an iTunes for classical music lovers. This laid the foundation for InstantEncore. Working with Interactive Fitness has been a great fit not only because of my technical skills, but also because of my love for riding bikes. If you come by our offices before noon you're likely to see me working in my biking gear from my morning commute. Unfortunately, working with Gallus Golf hasn't improved my golf game. I believe in creating products of value that make both people and systems more efficient.


Zachary Wilson, Partner

Excited by new technologies, a passion for learning, and driven by challenges, I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of charting new ground with our partner companies. I enjoy the challenges and opportunities that are presented by working with young growing companies that are making a significant impact in their target market. I earned my B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of California San Diego and upon graduation I joined the InstantEncore team in 2008. I am excited to be a Partner in The SwitchCase Group and growing our portfolio of meaningful technology ventures.


Jason Wilson, Gallus Golf CEO

As a kid my first love was soccer, but golf was a very close second and pretty soon moved into the lead position. Which is probably a good thing because playing golf is easier on the knees. I graduated from UCSD with a degree in Economics, and my early career provided me a variety of great experience in sales, management, and customer service. In mid 2011, I was able to connect my love of golf with the SwitchCase Group, and bring to life the idea of a branded mobile app solution for golf courses. It has been a life changing experience to spearhead Gallus Golf from initial concept to an industry leading software company. I feel fortunate to call this my “job”, and look forward to more innovative opportunities in the years to come.